Update my website by myself…

One day talking, a friend told me “I want to update my website when I want.” This day, I had a click.

We were talking of business, we have come to the website, website showcase classic, now correctly referenced but updated by the good care of …

He said:
“… And even if he does willingly, it’s still always late. My site is never updated when it should. And I want to update my website when I need them. Text, information, and photos … Can you do that, you? … “.

I had worked on this concept, an online publisher not to multiply the tools, a content management engine. But of making the solid, and entrust the full …

Is part of the idea, and soon the implementation of a model.

A website dedicated 100% to the client, in direct connection with social networks and partnerships, secure, always available with all the tools to edit, publish photos and movies, measure the audience and check the suitability with search engines. Finally do everything a professional could make a website.

This model has become a product, other features are grafted to it as an online store, others will be added as needed. And guides are available for the “how to”.

Now you can say “I want to update my website when I want.”.

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